We Are

Abagforall.com is a leading online shop for bags, accessories, and luggage within the premium segment. With a mix of exclusive products, high-quality leather goods, current trends, well-chosen brands, and new technical innovations we are more than just an online shop. We aim to combine quality bags, exceptional services and inspirations to give you a unique shopping experience!

Abagforall.com constantly strives to provide the best bag experience to you. Driven by innovation, we have always come out with products that are built for the future. The evolution in the travel industry has closely affected the way Abagforall has brought about ground-breaking products one after another.

Abagforall.com is your partner in travel. We aim to make your journey comfortable and luxurious. With this in mind, we have always strived towards providing innovative solutions in terms of design, style & utility. Besides feminine handbags, elegant clutches, handmade pieces in vintage style and sporty backpacks, our product assortment consists of multifunctional business bags, luggage, and purses for every occasion.

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