Introducing Duffle Bags for the fast movers belonging to a generation that’s always on the go. Duffel bags come in different shapes and sizes, are durable and easy to handle. Whether you are traveling for a week or weekend, the right traveler knows how to pack his duffle bag. Duffle Bags have a wide range of uses – an avid traveler would use his duffle for overnight stays or solo trips, a fitness buff would use his duffle has a gym bag, an adventurist would make use of the excess space, and use it for hiking, rock climbing, and camping. 

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Multivalent Duffel Bag

119.41 48.19

Classy Duffel Travel Bag

119.41 48.19

Casual Shoulder Travel Bag


Classy Duffle Bag


Classic Travel Bag


Classy Duffel Bag

121.73 49.12

Casual Duffel Bag

65.37 26.83

Casual Travel Bag


Pure Leather Duffle Bag

527.25 211.61